Autumn Notes

Hello dear friend, thank you so much for joining me by reading Novembers post.


Autumn Notes

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As the month of November begins to unfold alongside the nature story of a seasonal shift in our garden and the landscape. Let’s take a moment of quiet, holding our mugs of steaming coffee and stepping outside to view the garden in its glorious beauty; offering an ode to autumn.


A sculptural design of flowers turning to seed, nuts falling to the ground and spiders spinning!

Autumn notes in a local village
coffee is always good
autumn notes

I love the vibrant colours and transition that brings us to November.

To stand still at the uniqueness and originality of creation.

A seasonal time of plants dying.

Trees shedding leaves.

Preparing for our winter.

First frosts

Notice the verse in Galatians where it says, Each of us is an original!

No compromise or comparison. Just you.




Nature displays this originality  so well. Embracing the detail.

Love grace and mercy covering us.

Reach out and find it.

That place where contentment dances with a true identity. Knowing we are original and God has us covered.

Plants die to  shoot up again in their right season.

There is a time for everything under the heavens.

As I type my autumn notes I consider  the season of rest that nature takes.

A quietened moment to reflect. A laying down of the things that clutter our minds, soul and body.

autumn notes

A journey of joy. Of awareness. Of hope.

A refining.

A journey of courage and leaning so deeply into grace.

In the way nature takes a rest, so we slow,  holding on to grace that orchestrates it’s heart to redeem us. Heal us.

Reminds us again of the purposefulness of our very breath.

Gratitude rises up. For His grace is Enough.

The mercy of it, the kindness of it. The embrace of it. Covering. Complete.

Writing autumn notes I’ve found

A narrative of joy.

Watch the leaves twirling down. Quieten my heart as the darkness closes in.


Hearing in this season of change, a whisper rising from within.

Finding notes that come from my unique  instrument, me,

written and created by the mastery of One who knows how.

His melody. His grace.

Keep playing it to the world. He whispers.



As the leaves gently flutter down. All is bare. I surrender to the author of music.

Allowing His notes to be the song I need to sing to the world.

An original.

For His Glory.

Love Rach.

Unsplash Photo / Quote by John O’Donohue


thank you


Grateful to those who encourage me to keep my heart beating for God.

Grateful for the prophetic words of encouragement.

Grateful to unsplash team of photographers, particularly  for the amazing girl with her trumpet!

Nature notes photography is mostly by me using Olympus Pen and iPhone 8

Grateful to you my dear reader, thank you for staying with me.