The October Post – An Overcoming Prayer

Image from Unsplash photographer Mitchell Hartley

Absolutely nothing can get between us and God’s love because of the way He has embraced us. Romans 8



Father God,

to overcome in life’s challenges I know that I cannot go around the challenge.  I cannot go over the surface of my issues.  I cannot go under the problem.  I’m called and stregnthened by you to work through them.  To grow inside them.


You are with me when I walk into my valley.

Your Presence is next to me through the storms. Through crisis. Through heart ache.

In grief you console me.

We swim life’s current together, face lions together. Eat manna and fish together.

Eat toast and drink coffee together.

Thank you that we fight back the enemy together.

You are my overcoming prayer.

You are my light in the darkness.

You are the one I want to go deeper with.

You are my source.

You are my vocabulary in the word battles.

You are my mentor for patience and faithfulness

You forgive and sing the song of freedom for the world.

You stay, break bread. You sipped the cup. You know.

You are loves ribbon of mercy weaving through every turn I take.

You anoint us, covering us completely with your warming oil, the blood of the cross of calvary, dynamic and pure.

You have all the tools for the journey. You’re my High Tower. My deliverer. My Aslan. My Joy. My courage.

You speak truth that says, I am more than conqueror through your love

My overcoming prayer is You.

As I get to know you more through life’s brokenness, You reveal to me who you are.

Abba Father, with You I overcome.

Reveal who you are.

Hallelujah Amen


A little note.

The ordinary moments of beauty look different for each one of us. Perhaps our imagination takes us to poetry, mountains, fish in the sea, research in numbers, music notes or simply a green shoot becoming a flower. Perhaps it is right there we find our prayer to ‘keep on keeping on.’ Like the roses still fragrant after the rainfall. Our yearning yields as we become who we are meant to be in the uniqueness of our journey. Quietly attend to the whispers of anticipation inside your soul. Hope realigns us, embers spark the roots of joy.

Daughter be known.


Find your prayer that heals you and carries you to faith that strengthens you to overcome.

Faith that gives you eyes to

see beauty in colour, not grey.

Whisper your words. Be known and heard.

Thank You for joining me here.

Community is important.



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