We meet you here. We meet you as the seasons merge, a cross-section with the roses and the blackberries. We meet you in the transition of light to dark as the days grow shorter. We embrace you as we find a cardigan. Switch on the light. Watch a candle glowing in the twilight. When days have that nip in them. When schools return. As Horse-chestnuts  form and leaves burn gold and red in the fading sunlight.

Hello September.

With the seasonal changes that are noticeable on our woodland walk there’s the soul change as we begin turning another month in our calendar to sense the new thing burning inside us. Can you hear it?

There’s a clarity where we observe that trust balances itself with truth.

The small things that pay themselves forward into our present.

My Dad passed away 28 years ago.

It came to me then, that some have not even reached those years in living yet!

Then there is the significant Sunday quote.

The September morning when we heard from Tamara.

The one right after communion.

That place of remembrance. The Lords supper.

The Lamb.

The unending love.

The gratitude for redemption at a cost.

To be loved outrageously by Abba. Our creator. To love ourselves. To fully find inside the fullness promised.

September then brings the ordinary Monday.

The chores and work load. The relationship struggle.

Yet when another September pedals its rotation into our world we choose to give thanks. Mention the good things paid forward into us. Release the wrong things. Let them go.

As AW Tozer says in Pursuit of God

I want constantly to be aware of Thy overshadowing presence and to hear Thy voice.

I want to live so fully in the spirit that all my thoughts may be as sweet incense ascending to Thee and every act of my life may be an act of worship.

My Dad showed me a faithful God in whom to trust. The rest is up to me. Choosing wisdom to live wholeheartedly inside the kingdom of God. To love myself and the world.

To daily tread in the ways of joy, finding there silence, unforced rhythms of grace, wonder, gentleness to practice the deeper covering of Christ. Over us.

May September simply bring us to into a beautiful space acknowledging the stars in the cosmos. The transaction of nature. Being refreshed in our perspective and feasting always on joy with gratitude and prayer. May our suffering keep us under the kindness and compassion of our Saviour. Forever trusting His ways over ours.

Unsplash Photography used with thanks

A Loving Prayer over you,

Lord our God and our Saviour Jesus….

for palpable peace and trust inside the heart of your child.

For insights; knowing your wisdom is best.

For eyes to see and ears to hear.

Keep the heart engaged, dancing in the hope and light of your redemption. Overshadowed by the presence of the Holy Spirit.

A mind fully leaning and growing with You.

Giving thanks for Your constancy inside our changing seasons.

For your joy unspeakable always.




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