Daughter of Significance

Hello dear reader, so lovely to have you here at rachnotes for an August post.

I gathered a tiny bunch of small flowers from my garden trying to practice that tied bouquet I was taught earlier in the year!

A gathering of thoughts here for you, from my current reading.

A hymn and floral photography.

A typed bouquet to share.

The words bring a great joy perspective.

Daughter of Significance.

One title to grow us!

An intimacy to pursue.

Being known. Being Seen. And being loved.

A journey. Of a deeper becoming.

Perhaps we are all on the journey of becoming. Fully being known and seen.

Perhaps this is one part of the story that we keep writing over. Keep learning. Keep experiencing. The love of God. For us.

A personal growing inside of ourselves.

A gift we are then confident to give to others.

A pattern of emphasis emerges from my reading. An apparent status of identity that brought me into another phase of understanding.

No matter the comprehension of your story it’s outworking is for God Glory.

It is on that note I begin by saying to myself that it’s okay to embrace my full acceptance and fulfilment in Christ for He gets the glory anyway.

A new perspective from one of unknown and judgment and being lost to one of belonging and identity. A story of ongoing goodness.

Charlotte Gambill writes in her devotional, Beyond, in chapter 5 about our standing as daughter. She explores this relationship and how we see ourselves inside it. How we may approach our Father God in a place of favour because we are a daughter.

For when you know Him as Father, you also acknowledge your own standing as daughter or son.

She continues to explore the depths of meaning that right relationship can be in growing confidence and flourishing because of it.

In Emily P Freeman’s book, The Next Right Thing, she ends the chapter, Coming Home To Yourself, with this prayer:

O God, help me to believe the truth about myself no matter how beautiful it is.

Marcrina Weidekehr

We can spend our lifetime seeking out those things, those people, those experiences that bring validation.

We can gather temporary affirming good stuff around ourselves.

Yet, in the quiet place we find our soul longing for simplicity and deeper more significant love.

Our Father gives us our needs. He is the supplier. He is love. His heart is to be a Father to His children.

~ My beloved is mine and I am His.

I know my lover is mine and I have everything in you, for we delight ourselves in each other.

Song of Solomon ~

The worship song writer, Edward C. Quine cited in The Believers Hymn Book, using words in old English gives depth to this intimacy. One beloved.

Like shoreless seas, Thy love can know no bound;

Thou lovest me!

Deep, vast, immense, unfathomed, Lord profound,

Lord, I love Thee!

And when above, my crown is at Thy feet,

I’ll praise Thee still for Calvary’s mercy seat.


To live with significance

To know no matter the circumstances

To grow knowing you are beautiful

To flourish because you are loved

Ephesians 3 Amplified Version

…. having been [deeply] rooted and [securely] grounded in love,

…. the width and length and height and depth of His love

[fully experiencing that amazing, endless love];

T h a t.

Our significance and our standing for God’s Glory.

To fully express the joy of its knowledge and to live inside the journey of understanding more.

His Truth.

His mystery

His presence

His peace

A Daughter of Significance

A narrative of joy.

Love Rach x

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