Hello July, with anticipation of some warm balmy evenings, let’s do summer!

I welcome you!

Thank You for joining me in a new month of our narrative of joy journey.

May I share with you a beautiful insight, an awakening moment.

Let us become acquainted firstly  with a worship song written by Elyssa Smith, Surrounded (Fight My Battles)

Verse 2

In the valley I know that You’re with me
And surely Your goodness and mercy follow me
So my weapons are praise and thanksgiving
This is how I fight my battles

Looks like I’m surrounded but I’m surrounded by You




It came to me last month how the very aspect of my floral photography, mostly by iPhone or Olympus Pen, could be the very subject from which God could speak into to my heart. I just needed to listen and be sensitive to the Holy Spirit in this area. A place where I’m found regularly, observing flora and framing it. This the daily ordinary could be bringer of truth and delight. A source of hopefulness and revelation.

During an afternoon visiting a NGS I was meandering round a local open garden with my husband, I took my usual pose of observation and capture. Admiring the colour palette and planting. Discussion pursued with the gardener about a particular rose of silver pink. She pointed to the root of the Rose. There the name was printed on its label. Awakening.

Several framing of photos then tea and conversations. I carried the name of the beautiful Rose in my mind.

Consider the doorway then that resonates as it opens a door within your heart.

Love speaks a language of kindness and tenderness.

A door open.

A gift given.

An awakening procured.

The Father heart of God fulfils longing.

The following morning I remember the songs melody. Looks like I’m surrounded but I’m Surrounded by You.

A strong impression came to me. Like the flowers in the garden with their coordinated colours, I’m surrounded.

The song moved me into a visual display of floral presence depicting the Greater presence of Christ.

For indeed I could see that the things that overwhelm and seek to break the peace that is beyond understanding. Those things that seem to surround us. That want to break us. There is a sweeter presence. One that has overarching care for us. One that keeps us in a victorious place.

The sound is an offering of gratitude. Notes ascending heavenward.



A joy perspective surrounding us with His presence. Right now. Tomorrow. Always.

Romans 1 speaks of knowing the creator that in turn evidences His might. His power. His authority.

Picture It.

Unsplash Photography with thanks to Noémi Macavoe – Katócz

When It looks like I’m surrounded by the stuff that demeans me, I trust the Poets perspective.

An artistic theatre of floral colour fills my vision. As I turn, I’m surrounded. Not by darkness. Instead by beauty. As the words sung in worship say, I’m surrounded by You.

An awakening of mystery and awe. Wonder and uniqueness.

His story is mine.

His language enfolds mine.

His favour speaks over me.

Awakening inside His beloved daughter a personal perspective of joy.

This is how I fight my battles.

Knowing Him.

Thank You to ..

. . the garden creators where I delighted in taking photographs.

NGS & Easton Gardens.

. . The song writer Elyssa Smith

. . Friends who read my script.

. . The worship group at Chroma Church led by Joel Barber

. . You.

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