Girl you’ve got this

Hello and welcome to the blog post written to share with you in the month of June.

It’s lovely to have you here.

Girl, you’ve got this, the phrase that settled inside me. Considering our uniqueness in strength and integrity. One that is unique to our individual expression founded in faith and truth.

The first time I saw the words they were scribed in pink letters across a sweat top. The top didn’t fit. It wasn’t my size. I liked it. Wanted it. But it did not fit. It was therefore not meant for me. It would not be suitable.

We need to let go of trying for size the design not made for us.

Lean not into comparison but trust.

Instead, grow confidence in the unique woman that you most deeply are. Live inside your creative curve to be the design designated just for you. It may mean sacrificing something. Refusing to wear the clothes that won’t fit you. Clothes that no longer fit. Putting on instead the clothes that suit you, fit you and become you. That enhances your God given giftedness.

You’ve got this!

The You

that’s wild ~ quirky ~ true.

Authentic and Unique.


One of a kind.

Unsplash Kamila Maciejewska

Psalm 139 in the Passion Translation states, I am your unique creation.

What I bring to the world is one of a kind.

The month of June offers a season in England bursting with an abundance of blooms. These are evident on the motorways, parks and in our gardens!

Daisies, Cow Parsley, Peonies, Roses, Aquilegia.

A botanical delight.

Each petal and colour bring a unique beauty of their own.

We are not robots, copies of one another but innovative beings born of our creator.

Mon Amie Living Workshop

This requires us to pay attention to our soul need. We fully express and articulate for others the way forward. To be that unique guide bringing a good influence in ways that can and fulfil a longing.

We pause.

Hold a quiet space.

We encourage one another, you’ve got this!

Like the hand tied bouquet spiralled into something unique with each florist, so we bring a rare gift. To each other. To the world.

Waldemar Brandt Unsplash


 Louise mon amie


We bring our unique self

In prayer

With love

Living a narrative of joy.

Girl, you’ve got this!



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