My place at the table

fun feet photo beautiful pink blossom

Hello Month of May.

Thank you for joining me in another blog post along the narrative of joy journey.

The blossom has been just glorious. Unexpectedly I came across a pink confetti-like carpet of blown blossom. Such fun to stand there and capture it. Hold the moment.

A mindfulness that comes through stopping and noticing. Breathing.

I recently listened to Will Van der Hart, Director of  the Mind And Soul Foundation.  I wrote down the words he shared, which his wife spoke to him in his anxiety,

We are not going to do this hiding, we are going to do this living.

I loved those words, because I often want to hide; yet to live,  type down your words, encourage a friend, pray, be present to those around you. It is trusting God, that through His presence in you, we bring each other to the table.

Emily P Freeman has recently written a book based on her podcast, The Next Right Thing.

I am waiting for the release of her book here in the UK. It is already out in USA.

Having pre-ordered her book I was able to obtain a download of the audio version.

During an ironing session, I listened to Chapter 8. I find a pencil to note down the words.

You are allowed to take your place at the table.

The words still work their magic. A grace filled breath to my soul.

A confidence oozes through my skin.

A hand has been metaphorically, extended, a belonging to my core being.

You, the hidden one. You are a woman of significance. You have been welcomed in to the feast. A place is set for you. A feast of joy.

Permission has been granted.

She has always known. Always her mind speaks words of truth. It’s gospel ingrained from her first breath.

And yet.

The acceptance healed something inside!  Emily’s words spoke affirmations of power, hope and acceptance.

This moment brought a needed clarity.

The place at the table was for me. For you.

We choose to step up. Step close.

We feel the weight lift. The responsibility that is not ours. His. He is the carrier of our burdens.


Let’s look with intention at the invitation. A welcome to the table. To fellowship. To belong. To worship.

We are going to do this living.

In the middle of our storms we raise a hallelujah with everything inside of us.

In Psalm 23 we are invited to the table.

Every provision is given to us.


We offer up our best song inside of us.


Our best notes in hallelujah.

Gratitude sings it’s way to the table –

where we get the best spread with dynamic authentic  living.

In closing


Grateful for the month of May.

For the lilac, blossom and the peony season!

For opportunities to dream a little more bravely, knowing we are accepted, giving us confidence as we sit at His table.

For experience, anticipation and deeper realisation of all God has in the month ahead.


Thank You  . . . 

Thank you to unsplash for the amazing photography enabling it to express my words in images.

Thank you to Will Van der Hart for his words and honesty.

Thank you to Emily P Freeman for her new book, The Next Right Thing.

Thank you to Bethel for their song, Raise A Hallelujah.

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