Focus and Refocus


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Over the last few weeks I’ve been pondering the need to focus. Then refocus. I sensed God direct me to the familiar text in The Message Bible.

‘Step out of the traffic! Take a long, loving look at me, your High God, Psalm 46.

Take some time to linger over this verse with me.

I love the alliteration, long, loving, look. Precisely.  The point indeed.

To take time.

The distractions are manifold. Even the good stuff can be the distraction. The invitation is to step out of the traffic! The hustle and bustle bring us out of ourselves but can be the place where we forget our focus. We strive instead of resting. We forget our identity and purpose for being.

We need to refresh our focus and refocus.

By stepping out of the traffic we realign our souls to the truth. The light inside becomes cloudy and needs reigniting! A deeper revelation of God’s love. We need to be undone by His Love. It’s the refining fire. The strength refuelled. Focusing enables us to let go and think! We do this differently and uniquely. Writing our thoughts down, conversation, listening, walking. Changing a familiar pattern. The way we focus is for us to decide. The importance is in the fact that we need to, step out of the traffic to take that long, loving look.


Why? Why, do we need to step out of the hustle?

To Refocus.

Jesus said to his disciples,

‘Can you not stick it out for me a single  hour’?

Can we?

The thought came to me that life is full of trying. Failing along the way. Falling down, looking upwards, refocusing. Knowing it’s okay. Focus and then getting back up again. Allowing grace and kindness to cover us. Then we learn the lessons availing ourselves of empowerment inside that vulnerability of failure. To find strength in that place. Let’s not be afraid. Focus is our goal. It aids the journey of abundance and joy.

 Joy is the framework for life.

I’ll take the ticket that liberally gives me permission to learn after my failure and to focus again. The ticket gives me that ode towards joy. A celebration of a shared adventure.



It bangs inside my head with plenty of evidence.

You’re not good enough.

The words cover a full spectrum of my life.

Recently I joined an online study course. I gave it my fullest attention. Applying the knowledge I had and the benefit of others whose wisdom was fit to the task.

Comparison can enlarge the, ‘not good enough‘ perspective until you’re fully inside the mentality of melt down. Diminished.

Having only just received some empowering teaching from Ephesians, that speaks right into identity.

Favour. Victory. Strength. Power. Authority.

These words brought energy to my soul.  Clarity to my thinking. I wonder then what happend!!

The default setting is small. Minimising. Lost.

Truth remains truth but gets forgotten in a sea of solitary isolation. Blocked breezes suspended in some cloud above.

Lies simmer slowly eating up the joy so carefully harvested.

She sighs. Smiles, to herself, as she thinks of the words spoken by her pastor Juliet, Barber, ones she wrote over her favourite unsplash photo. Words that still remain as her screen saver.


Refocus. Keep refocusing.

The mindset.


She realigns her heart to the truth.

She focuses her thoughts on the words.

Set your mind to the matters of Christ.



So reset those rhythms that default to small. Listen to the melody of heaven. A fresh sound of confidence comes gently into her heart.


I won’t win this battle with the strength of my own hands.

You’re the mountain-mover and only You can.

Steffany Gretzinger, Bethel Worship


She feels the shift. Like the shift in the current spring season.

A realignment in the cosmos occurs. She packs the old words that seeped into her core. Like rocks weighing her down, down, down.

The old stuff that hits her with redefined relish. Stuff she believes because it makes sense.

The challenge then, is refocus, to breathe in the truth again. Get soaked in its beautiful glory.

Truth looks like flowers. Bringers of colour and joy.


Along the way let’s forgive each other make room for realignment. A deliberate  encouragement to focus on Jesus, who pours in his favour and goodness by the bucketful, should we ask.


I’m letting truth take hold of me. Refocus.


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